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at the Montreal Therapy Center

Our experienced team has designed workshops for mental health, performance and productivity as well as communication and collaboration. We are also more than happy to work with you to design custom workshops to suit you and your workplace needs.

Our Mental Health Series

Demystifying Mental Health & Illness


What do we mean by mental health and how is it different from Mental Illness?

Mental health stigmas: what are they, how do they impact us and what can we do.

Strategies for taking care of our mental health: let’s put positive psychology to work – at work

Mental & Emotional Fitness


Go beyond basic mental and emotional health to reach fitness.

What are the pillars of mental and emotional fitness?

Strategies to increase fitness within each pillar of mental and emotional fitness- the Resilience Advantage

Research-based Models of Emotional Wellbeing


The Science of Happiness

What are the pillars of emotional well-being and happiness?

Practices that support emotional well-being that make it accessible to all of us.

Mindfulness & Meditation


Fundamentals of mindfulness, what it is and what it is not.

What are the practices that cultivate mindfulness including mindful meditation?

What place is there for mindfulness in daily life and how can it improve our lives?

Performance and Productivity Series

Healthy & Unhealthy Thinking


The stories we tell ourselves and where they lead our thoughts.

The relationship between thoughts, feelings, and the decisions we make.

How do we create new, more constructive, effective stories?

Growth Mindset


What is a mindset, where does it come from and how do you evaluate your mindset?

The impact of “fixed” vs. “growth” mindsets on effort, endurance, and performance.

How to cultivate a growth mindset to improve effort and performance in your team.

Building Habits for Emotional Wellbeing


Deconstructing habits – how do they work?

What is the role of motivation and discipline in habit formation?

Collaboration and Communication Series

Understanding & Valuing Differences


Internalized bias and how we naturally react to differences and why.

What is diversity and what are the benefits of diverse teams and workplaces.

Personal and team strategies for inviting and benefiting from differences.

Communication Fundamentals


What distinguishes effective vs dysfunctional teams?

Leveraging Emotional Intelligence for effective communication.

Self-awareness and management: empathy and adapting communication for others.

Engagement & Inclusion for Remote Teams


What are the sources of motivation for individuals working remotely?

What are the opportunities and challenges for hybrid and remote teams?

How do teams create practices that facilitate engagement when working remotely?

Healthy Work Relationships


The importance and value of strong work relationships.

The role of boundaries and assertion in effective and healthy working relationships.

Professional development through peer learning, coaching.

Customize your Own Workshop

Worlkplace Needs

Your Workplace Needs

We understand that every workplace has its own set of unique experiences and challenges. Our team can work with you to design custom workshops for your workplace needs. If you’d like to customize a workshop, you can meet with one of our workplace specialists to discuss the specific needs of your organization so that we can design a workshop that is right for you.


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