What happens next?

Your appointment form has been sent to
our intake team. We will review the details of
your request, your availability, along with your
preferences to determine which of our therapists
will be the best match for you.

*We do our best to connect you to a therapist as quickly as possible.
During periods of high demand, the wait time might be a little
If you have requested our sliding scale fees, our intake team will
Follow up with you shortly with instructions about submitting the Required documents so that we can finalize your file and process your request.

Once we find the right match,
we will ask your therapist to contact you by the method
you prefer- phone or email, to set up a first appointment.

You will receive a confirmation email for the
appointment with your new therapist’s address,
phone number and email.
We will also provide you with additional details about
the framework, payment methods and insurance receipts

You are now ready to begin!

If you are new to therapy, we can provide you with some exrta resources to give you some more information about what to expect for your first session and have provided some tips to help you get the most out of your therapy experience.

Please feel free to contact our admin team at any time- we are happy to provide information and answer any questions you may have.