Cedric P.

When I started all of this I was afraid, that nothing would change. I thought that I’ll try something hopeless, spend some money, talking with someone on a couch and return back to usual after a while. I was lost. Drifting through the paths of life, unable to face reality, avoiding fighting my problems, impossible to take decisions, completely defeated. I started to realize what was the main knot that kept me prisoner in my own life and I caught it. Since then and step by step I entered to reality .I left my depression and my fears back and with determination I started discovering new ways to be in control and new techniques to solve my problems. Looking back I cannot believe how bad I was and what I became now. To who will read this I have to say one thing. Don’t be afraid to ask for this kind of help. At the Montreal Therapy Centre you will find it and it will be effective. I hope your life will become better as mine became.