Pierre G.
Art Therapy

I didn’t see myself as the “creative art” kind of guy. Now, I think everyone can have a creative space inside, just need to try and find your medium(s).

Jonathan R.
Couples Therapy

The services of the MTC have helped my wife and I keep a balance at home and we have grown as a couple tremendously. We would definitely recommend the MTC again and again.

Jane P.
Group Therapy

Sharing with a group of people brought another dimension to the journey, with deep feelings of belonging, togetherness, safety, freedom.

Diana R.
Individual Therapy

A good (great) therapist like mine is kind, compassionate- does not judge you but will be honest and true and challenge you to take steps out of your comfort zone to show yourself what you are really capable of.
Therapy has been an amazing gift for me.

Leah V.
Group Therapy

I benefited greatly from participating in the group workshop. I was hesitant at first to believe I would get much out of it considering how diverse the group was but by the end of the day, I was able to find common bonds with the group and to feel comfortable telling my story and participating in theirs as well.

Nora I.
Group Therapy

Our therapist was great and she created a safe space. I didn’t think that I would like the ‘group’ part, but ultimately that is what I liked the most!

John B.
Group Therapy

I thought I was going into a group where I would have learned about the creative process in general and I ended up finding the source of my very own creative process. Couldn’t have asked for a better outcome!

We would definitely recommend MTC to others. Our communication is a lot better!

Maureen S.
Group Therapy

I really enjoyed the groups a lot. I enjoyed the intimacy of the group and the therapist’s sensitivity and good humour. It made for a space that was both relaxed yet adventuresome.

Danielle R.
Therapy for Kids

My son’s therapist is patient and kind and understanding. She has helped us to communicate with him in a whole new way and it has been helpful for our entire family.