Education: MA, Creative Arts Therapies, Drama Therapy, Concordia University

Professional Associations: Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA), North American Drama Therapy Association (NADTA)

Languages: English, French

Services Provided: Individual, Youth, Kids, Family therapy

About my Practice: How can you listen to your body or inner voice when you’ve been disconnected for so long? Disconnected for so long? Where to turn when so many when so much is at stake? Together, we’ll explore the language of your inner world and find entry points to give you a sense of points of reference. We’ll develop your somatic tools to connect with yourself to yourself, to others, and to what you hold dear. We are interconnected beings, and it’s normal to be affected by all kinds of cross-cultural and intergenerational dynamics. I work with a systemic, psychodynamic and trauma-conscious approach to trauma. Being of European descent, I position myself as a co-conspirator in the dismantling of white “supremacy” and in the rooting of a culture based on mutual aid, benevolence and connection to nature. Connection to nature, all the while using creative means to give a voice to the life that wants to shine through you.