Art Therapy

Is Art therapy right for me?

Art therapy combines traditional verbal approaches to psychotherapy with images made in the presence of the therapist. Art therapists provide a wide range of art materials to use in session and a non-judgmental stance. The image is valued for what it communicates rather than for what it looks like. No artistic talent is necessary in order to benefit. The meaning of your artworks will be discussed collaboratively with your therapist. Through exploring your creations you may evoke powerful feelings and attain new insights. Your art therapist may suggest themes for you to work on or leave it up to you, depending on their approach and your needs.

Your Creative Voice

The most common misconception about art therapy is that artistic skills are required, or that art therapy is only appropriate for children. You don’t need training or skill to benefit from art therapy at any age.

Do you ever find that words are not enough to express complex feelings? Art therapists believe that there is creativity within each person, and that expressing yourself through art can help you break down barriers and pursue a full and satisfying life.

What to Expect

The first few sessions will have you and your therapist discuss your concerns and goals with some art making through drawing, painting or sculpting. Your therapist may offer suggestions or themes for you to explore. This will create the basis for a therapy plan to meet your needs. Creating art within a therapeutic relationship promotes healing, growth and insight.

Art therapy can be a powerful tool to help you deal with the same kinds of problems that you would address in other therapies including:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Grief
  • Chronic pain
  • Addictions
  • Anger
  • Abuse issues
  • Stress
  • Eating issues
  • Self-esteem issues and body image
  • Relationship issues


Daniel H.
Art Therapy

The art therapy services I have received from my therapist and the MTC have been a significant help in getting my thoughts and feelings sorted out. They have given me the tools to move forward in a healthy way…. Great therapist, good listener, very patient and kind!

Audra T.
Art Therapy

My therapist was kind, understanding, and asked excellent probing questions. She gave me the space I needed. I trusted her. I really enjoyed the art therapy aspect and felt that she was really good at seeing things in my art but letting them discover them for myself.

Pierre G.
Art Therapy

I didn’t see myself as the “creative art” kind of guy. Now, I think everyone can have a creative space inside, just need to try and find your medium(s).