Family Mediation

Is family mediation right for us?

Family mediation is a voluntary negotiation service that allows ex-spouses to find an amicable solution to the conflicts that a separation entails, without having recourse to the courts. It is generally aimed at couples in the process of separating, with or without children, whether they are married or not.

At the time of the separation, the ex-spouses need to make decisions about their new life plan and their parental responsibilities, despite the heightened emotions. It can therefore be useful to be accompanied in this decision-making process, to freely make informed decisions. This process is entirely confidential.

Family mediation can be used, among other things, to:

  • Clarify parental time arrangements
  • Determine the sharing of decision-making responsibility
  • Establish the amount of child and/or spousal support
  • Divide property and family patrimony

The role of the mediator is primarily to facilitate dialogue and negotiation between the parties, and to ensure that the agreements reached are fair and equitable. Once the parties reach an agreement, a summary of their agreements will be drafted and provided at the end of the mediation process. The agreement can then be rendered legally binding by a court of law, if necessary, in order to make it enforceable. We also offer revision services for existing agreements.

Our Family Mediator

Zoe Hurtado is a certified social worker and family mediator, who offers trilingual services in family mediation. Throughout her professional career, she has developed an expertise in crisis management, intervening with families experiencing various problematics, and conjugal violence, among others.

In her practice as a certified family mediator, she uses a systemic and humanistic approach to accompany couples (with or without children) in the process of separation. Zoe accompanies ex-spouses who need to make decisions regarding their life plan and/or parental responsibilities and helps them make informed choices corresponding to their needs.