Is couples therapy right for me?

Do you wish that you could communicate better with your partner? Find ways to stop arguing? Have a closer, more connected relationship with your spouse?

All relationships face difficult periods- the normal ups and downs that come with being in a close relationship. Sometimes you find yourselves stuck in the same patterns and can’t seem to find a way out. At this point, it may be helpful to meet with a marital or couples counsellor to help you find new ways of approaching familiar problems.

Couples seek therapy for all sorts of reasons. Some of the most common issues we see are struggles with communication, disagreements about parenting or finances, constant arguments, infidelity, dissatisfaction with the sexual relationship or unfulfilled emotional needs.

What to Expect in Couples Therapy

You and your partner will meet for an initial session with one of our specialized relationship experts. Some topics that our couples therapists will be interested in understanding in the initial session could include your reasons for seeking therapy at this time, the problems you are encountering in your relationship at this time- from each of your perspectives, some of the past solutions you have tried and some history of your relationship. Your therapist will also be interested in exploring the strengths in your relationship and the positive elements to build upon.

Topics couples tackle through counselling or therapy:

  • identity and role conflict
  • dependence vs. independence
  • religion, ethics and values
  • jealousy
  • parenting
  • infidelity
  • money and finances
  • addiction
  • family and in-law struggles
  • step-family issues
  • gender roles
  • infertility and adoption
  • pre-marital counselling

Our Couples Therapists

Our couples therapists at the Montreal Therapy Centre have completed post-graduate training in marital and family therapy. Our therapists are experienced in the psychology of relationships, have a deep understanding of couple dynamics and are committed to working with you to explore your relationship issues within an atmosphere of respect, understanding and empathy. We work with couples from all backgrounds, married and unmarried, as well as LGBT couples.

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