Therapy for Teens

Therapy for teens

In addition to stressful life events, teens struggle in conflicts with family members and parental expectations. Over time, teens’ conflicts can become deeper and more hurtful so getting help early is important. Therapy provides a safe space for teens to tackle life’s challenges with the support of a neutral adult who can also offer insights into young adult and family psychology. Through counselling, a teen can learn to express his or her needs constructively. The results can be positive for the individual teen and the whole family.

Art and Drama Therapy With Teens

During the teen years it can be difficult to talk about emotions, especially with parents and authority figures. Creative arts therapy can be a useful way to work with a changing sense of self. Depending on the teen, art therapy or drama therapy can be a valuable boost to traditional counselling.

With the help of a specially trained therapist, creative arts therapy techniques can help teens:

  • Explore feelings through metaphors and symbols
  • Express emotions
  • Communicate wishes and desires
  • Reveal scary feelings or secrets
  • Increase self esteem
  • Learn limit-setting

Will a Therapist Keep Secrets from Me?

To create a safe space for your teen, a therapist will carefully negotiate the issue of what information will be shared with parents and what information stays private and confidential to the teen in advance. In most situations, the therapist will give parents feedback about the teen, share any concerns about the teen and offer methods for improving difficult relationships within the family.