Therapy for Kids

Should I seek therapy for my child?

When your child’s behaviour patterns or reactions to stressful events are worrisome, consulting with a professional may be helpful for both of you.Children face significant stressors just as adults do. Counselling with a compassionate expert trained in child and adolescent therapy can help them to successfully navigate through these difficult times.

 Should I seek professional assistance for my child?

Signs that your child may benefit from counselling include:
Distress from a divorce, the death of a loved one or pet
Difficulty adapting to a relocation or an illness, or to witnessing or experiencing a traumatic event
Changes in behavior, mood, sleep, appetite, or academic functioning.
Increased risk-taking or self-destructive behaviors.
School stress, test anxiety, bullying, or peer pressure.
Problems maintaining friendships or interacting socially with peers.

Our Child Psychologists and Therapists

Our therapists have specialized training with children and adolescents. They have the particular knowledge and skills that allow them to recognize problem behaviours and devise suitable interventions in a caring, non-threatening environment. Therapy may be helpful for your child in a variety of ways, for example: in providing emotional support, addressing childhood anxieties, and the exploration of new solutions to old problems. A therapist trained to work with children, adolescents and families can develop individualized treatment plans appropriate to the specific needs of your child.

Therapy with children and adolescents can address such issues as:

  • Learning Disabilities
  • Grief
  • Separation and Divorce
  • Enuresis / Encopresis
  • Depression
  • Eating Disorders
  • ADHD
  • Abuse
  • Trauma
  • Loss
  • Self-Esteem
  • Behavioural Disorders
  • Anxiety

What to Expect with Therapy for your Child

The first session may include just the parents, parents and child, or the whole family. The therapist will ask about the presenting problem and take a developmental history. Depending on the issue, individual therapy for the child or family therapy, or a combination thereof, may be recommended. When working with children, art or play therapy is the treatment of choice as these are the ways in which children best communicate their needs, fears, conflicts, and desires. Children are best understood within their family context so even in individual child therapy, the therapist may schedule regular sessions with the parents to help them understand and provide the best environment for their child.

Art and other Expressive Therapies

Kids are often very good at communicating and working through issues using art making, images and play. Art therapy is an ideal treatment for your child who may not have the words to express all of their feelings.

For adolescents it can be challenging or threatening to discuss certain problems they are facing. Art therapy can provide your teen with a safer and creative approach of expressing and addressing their struggles.


Jane M.
Therapy for Kids

Within a few weeks, I could already see changes in my daughter’s behaviour. Her anxiety which nearly paralyzed her before, has nearly disappeared.

Charlotte W.
Therapy for Kids

Our teenager was really reluctant to speak to someone at first. She connected with her therapist right away and now she looks forward to her appointments. Our daughter is happier and more confident than we have ever seen her. Thank you!

Danielle R.
Therapy for Kids

My son’s therapist is patient and kind and understanding. She has helped us to communicate with him in a whole new way and it has been helpful for our entire family.