Play Therapy

What is Play therapy?

The therapeutic use of play is a well-established discipline particularly suitable for young children who communicate their thoughts and feelings in a very different way from adults. With play therapy, your child can explore and express his or her feelings in a safe, confidential and caring environment.

Play therapy can help kids with:

  • dealing with feelings around separation or divorce
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • dealing with serious illnesses
  • learning disabilities
  • self-esteem
  • peer relationships
  • treating behavioural issues
  • grief or loss

What can I expect?

The exact process with vary from one therapist to another, but most often, the therapist will want to meet first with you, the parents to get some background information about your child, his or her history, current challenges, and family situation.

When working with your child, the therapist chooses a variety of toys and materials that can help to encourage fantasy play, self-expression, and the use of symbolic language. Through play, your child can explore different ways or working out real-life scenarios. The therapist will be attuned to identifying and understanding areas of emotional disturbance and will use developmentally appropriate techniques for working through these with your child.

Throughout the process, the therapist may also want to schedule periodic meetings with you to give feedback and involve you in the treatment plan.