Art Therapy for Kids & Teens

What is Art Therapy for Kids & Teens?

Art therapy is a natural choice for therapy with kids. Many children, have a difficult time expressing themselves properly in traditional talk therapy. Art therapy can provide your child with a non-threatening and creative way for them to express their inner feelings. Children are often more comfortable expressing themselves through pictures and symbols than with words alone.

Art therapy can be used with younger children who have limited vocabularies, as well as with teens who may find it easier to express their inner world creatively on the page or canvas. Art therapy can help kids to communicate their emotions in a vivid and powerful way.

Art therapy can help kids with:

  • dealing with feelings around separation or divorce
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • dealing with serious illnesses
  • learning disabilities
  • self-esteem
  • peer relationships
  • treating behavioural issues
  • grief or loss

How does art therapy with kids and teens work?

The exact process with vary from one therapist to another, but most often, the art therapist will want to meet first with the parents to get some background information about your child, his or her history, current challenges, and family situation.

In the first session with your child, the therapist will provide art materials and often a theme to get them started. Art therapy sessions are usually divided between time spent engaged in art-making, then time to look at and discuss the image, what it represents and the feelings that it invokes.

Throughout the process, the therapist may also want to schedule periodic meeting with you to give feedback and involve you in the treatment plan.


Daniel H.
Art Therapy

The art therapy services I have received from my therapist and the MTC have been a significant help in getting my thoughts and feelings sorted out. They have given me the tools to move forward in a healthy way…. Great therapist, good listener, very patient and kind!

Audra T.
Art Therapy

My therapist was kind, understanding, and asked excellent probing questions. She gave me the space I needed. I trusted her. I really enjoyed the art therapy aspect and felt that she was really good at seeing things in my art but letting them discover them for myself.

Pierre G.
Art Therapy

I didn’t see myself as the “creative art” kind of guy. Now, I think everyone can have a creative space inside, just need to try and find your medium(s).