Using Self-Help Worksheets

Use these worksheets on your own to gain insight into your actions, thoughts and personal psychology. Your therapist may also recommend you complete a worksheet and bring it to a session for discussion.
Self-help worksheets are all about you. You are not expected to be perfect in life or on paper.
You will learn the most from a worksheet if you are painfully honest, although it is difficult.
Try not to emphasize the good and minimize the bad, or the other way around.

Tips for Worksheets

Worksheets can help you understand your thoughts and behaviours, eventually leading to positive change.

  1. Don’t worry about spelling or grammar. (Your therapist won’t!)
  2. Work on your worksheet at least once a day, if you are keeping track of thoughts or behaviour.
  3. Writing down your notes at the same time every day will help you remember to do it.
  4. Use extra space on the back of the sheet or extra paper if you need more space.
  5. You can keep your worksheet somewhere private but leave a discreet reminder note on the bathroom mirror or some place you will see it.
  6. Be proud of yourself for making an important and difficult effort to understand yourself and make changes!


Activity Log

Track your activities and the moods you experienced during and after the different things you did during your week. Discover what ways of using your time make you feel positive and connected.

Download Activity Log

Sustaining Change

Analyse some aspects of the change you have made and what you have learned and identify some potential triggers or setbacks. Prepare some relaxation strategies that can help you sustain change.

Download Sustaining Change

Substance Use

Keep track of your substance use, what was happening around you and some of the consequences and note possible strategies.

Download Substance Use

Social Anxiety Thought Record

Write down events, thoughts and sensations related to social anxiety.

Download Social Anxiety Thought Record

PTSD Diary

Note events, thoughts and sensations related to stress and perform some analysis.

Download PTSD Diary

Panic Log

Make a note of events, thoughts and sensations related to panic and responses.

Download Panic Log

Monitoring Obsessive Thoughts and Compulsive Behaviours

Look at triggering events, thoughts and feelings and possible alternatives.

Download Monitoring Obsessive Thoughts and Compulsive Behaviours

Food Diary

Make a note of your behaviours and circumstances related to food.

Download Food Diary

Feeling Log

Note your feelings, their intensity and some of the surrounding circumstances.

Download Feeling Log

Depression Thought Record

Write down your thoughts and sensations after events, noting how you responded and some alternative responses.

Download Depression Thought Record