Psychoeducators work with people who have behavioural problems that manifest in different environments in their daily life. Psychoeducators will integrate themselves into a client’s daily life as part of their work to evaluate different issues and propose solutions that are specific to the needs of the client they are helping. Psychoeducators perform evaluations of a person’s psychosocial adaptation and capacities through observation and participation using questionnaires, standardized tests. Based on their evaluations, they can subsequently establish a suitable  intervention plan for their clients. They will also evaluate the results and effectiveness of their plan. You could consult a psychoeducator for many reasons such as: problems with your teen, experiencing a family crisis that affects you or your family, reorganizing your life as a result of a life disruption, returning to work after illness or accident, managing your emotions, better understanding and interacting with a person suffering from mental illness. Psychoeducators in Quebec are licenced by the Ordre des psychoéducateurs et éducatrices du Québec.