At the Montreal Therapy Centre we take steps to ensure your confidentiality and privacy. Our policy is to protect and respect the privacy of all users of this website and all existing or potential clients of our Centre. All of your personal information is kept confidential for the duration of your involvement with the Centre while also respecting the legal archiving framework we have as mental health professionals.

Collection and Uses of Personal Information

As a provider of mental health services, we collect personal information directly from you or whomever may be making a request on your behalf. This information includes your name, contact information, address, availability for appointments, and reasons for making a service request. The information we collect is used for the sole purpose of providing you with the services you are seeking. It is therefore only shared with authorized administrative staff and potential therapist matches in the interest of best serving you.

Security of Your Personal Information

The Montreal Therapy Centre is firmly committed to data security and takes measures to ensure your personal and identifying information remains safe from loss, theft, duplication, modification, unauthorised use, and inappropriate disposal. We undertake regular procedural audits to ensure our privacy policy is in compliance with the law and our own organization standards. All suspected privacy breaches are immediately investigated and rectified in the interest of preventing harm to our clients and community. All Montreal Therapy Centre team members must sign a confidentiality and privacy agreement that aims to protect your personal information and use it for the sole purpose of assisting you in receiving and/or providing the mental health services you are seeking.

Removal and Destruction of Your Personal Information

If you would like us to delete your information from our systems, you simply need to contact us and we will remove all of your personal data within 72 hours. Otherwise, your personal information will be kept for the time needed to provide you with services or as required by the laws and professional bodies that govern our practices. Private information is disposed of in a secure and confidential manner in accordance with the requirements of our affiliated governing bodies and our own privacy policy.

Distribution of Your Personal Information

None of the information you share with the Montreal Therapy Centre will be distributed to third party companies without your written consent. No information is provided to third parties for marketing purposes. We maintain an email list to inform subscribers of upcoming Groups and Workshops and offer straightforward unsubscribe options for our email newsletter.

Requests For Your Personal Records & Third Party Collaboration

Under certain circumstances, you may request access to your personal records. In such cases, your therapist will determine what is appropriate to share as per the conditions of their governing order. Likewise, in an effort to provide collaborative care, if you wish for a third party health care provider to gain access to your personal records, this can only be done with your written informed consent.

Privacy Contact Information

You can contact the Montreal Therapy Centre Privacy Officer, Rebecca Murray, at any time by emailing