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    Diana R.
    Individual Therapy

    A good (great) therapist like mine is kind, compassionate- does not judge you but will be honest and true and challenge you to take steps out of your comfort zone to show yourself what you are really capable of.
    Therapy has been an amazing gift for me.

    Jane P.
    Group Therapy

    Sharing with a group of people brought another dimension to the journey, with deep feelings of belonging, togetherness, safety, freedom.

    Jonathan R.
    Couples Therapy

    The services of the MTC have helped my wife and I keep a balance at home and we have grown as a couple tremendously. We would definitely recommend the MTC again and again.

    Pierre G.
    Art Therapy

    I didn’t see myself as the “creative art” kind of guy. Now, I think everyone can have a creative space inside, just need to try and find your medium(s).