Parenting with Confidence Lunch Series: School-aged Children


This workshop series for parents of school-aged children (5-11) will present information about this stage of development and issues impacting school-aged children and answer your questions about your school-aged children. Topics include but are not limited to: parent-child relationships, behavior at home and at school, intelligence and academic testing, learning and learning disorders, bullying, school planning and school selection. As in the other parenting with confidence workshops, emphasis will be placed on encouraging communication and cooperation between parent and child. Online workbooks are provided to all participants.

Session 1: LEARN

  • About brain development
  • About social development
  • About the changing parent-child relationship
  • About taking care of yourself as a parent.

Session 2: I answer your QUESTIONS:

  • About what behaviours you find most challenging
  • About concerns around learning
  • About what you can do to encourage better communication and cooperation with your child

Session 3: FOLLOW-UP

We will discuss what you have tried to address challenging behaviours and situations, what works, and what doesn’t (because every parent and child is different!)

Session 4: We will go over the KEY THEMES

More Q & A about moving forward and continuing to encourage communication and cooperation with your child

Materials are provided. Official insurance receipts given to all participants. Register now or contact Moire at [email protected] (514) 619-4542

Date and Time

Thursday, April 1st at 12-1pm

Thursday, April 8th at 12-1pm

Thursday, April 15th at 12-1pm

Thursday, April 22nd at 12-1pm



Moire Stevenson PhD is a licensed pediatric and clinical psychologist. She works with children and teens with neurodevelopmental and/or physical disabilities and limitations at the West-Central Montreal CIUSSS. She also has a private practice and is the director of Parenting with Confidence. She educates and supports parents through an attachment and neurodevelopmental-based perspective with a focus on maximizing communication, connection, and confidence.


Thu April 1, 2021   12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Location :

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