Dive Deep Into the Unknown – 12-session ONLINE Drama Therapy Group Process

$600 + taxes/fees

Dive Deep into the Unknown

By Natasha Williot – Dramathérapeute / Drama Therapist

What: An online weekly drama therapy group.

When: Tuesday afternoons from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM, from the 28th of June to
September 27th . There will be a creative incubation period, during which there will be two
weeks without group sessions (August 2nd and August 10th ) without group sessions.
Registrations begin on May 31 st . Pre-registrations are open now (reserve your spot,
places are limited).

How much: 600$ plus taxes (50$/session x 12 session) per person. For payment plans,
consult the therapist.

How: Members will use a variety of creative interventions to build up their creative
intuition before exploring in-depth a character from a myth or fairy tale. This character
will guide the member and work through the members’ unconscious fears, traumas, and
experiences for them. Interventions will include mask-making, character creation,
creative journaling, and embodiment, among others that may arise from the process.

Why: to help members develop their capacity to deal with the unknown. Stories and the
characters who inhabit them provide us with useful guides for times of uncertainty (i.e.-
the post-COVID world), and our bodies and creative instincts can transfer this wisdom
into our daily lives. This is an excellent group for

For Who: Creatives and Learners who are tired of being afraid of uncertainty and the
unknown, and want to feel confident, liberated, and empowered through their whole
being and relations. This is an excellent group for those who seek to do DEEP,
unconscious therapeutic work. This is also an excellent group for individuals interested
in learning more and experiencing first-hand a full drama therapy group process.
This group is NOT for people who do not want to do creative work between sessions,
who expect the drama therapist to give them answers, who want to use a cognitive,
behavioural, or talk-based approach, or who are currently going through a crisis and
need immediate treatment.

Where: Anywhere accessible and confidential for the members through an ONLINE
TELEHEALTH platform. This allows for flexibility in case of travelling plans during the

Other relevant information: Artistic materials will be required for the process, but these
need not be expensive. They can be foraged from one’s environment and houses. The
only required materials will be a journal and some writing materials.

By who: Natasha Williot, a drama therapist working holistically with members of the
Queer, Indigenous, Multicultural, and Neurodivergent communities. Natasha specializes
in radical acceptance, anti-oppression, body-wisdom and storytelling for individual,
community, and intergenerational wellness.



Tue June 28, 2022   1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Tue September 27, 2022

Location :


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