Creative Team Building:

The Creative Arts Therapies at Work

at the Montreal Therapy Center

To thrive in today’s dynamic workplace environment, professionals require  innovative and versatile skill sets. This is what creative therapies do best!

We believe there are many ways to approach challenges!  Our creative arts therapy workshops provide a unique approach to psychological wellness and team building.

Creative therapy workshops are ideal for building team collaboration, inclusion and connection. Through art-based experiential activities, your team will be introduced to creative problem solving in a fun and engaging way.

We offer a range of creative therapy workshops, led by art, drama and music therapists who are experts in their field. Our creative workshops are accessible to participants with no previous artistic experience.

ArtTherapy Workshop

Art Therapy Workshop

Learn healthy tools for self-expression

DramaTherapy Workshop

Drama Therapy Workshop

Get in touch with your emotions through team-building activities


Music Therapy Workshop

Work collaboratively to create something completely new


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