Continuing Education at MTC

The Montreal Therapy Centre provides training and OPQ approved continuing education opportunities to licensed professionals and therapists in training.

Program- Fall 2023

Foundations of Systemic Therapy- Level 1- Learning to think Systemically- introduction to Theory and Models

Unlike other approaches, systemic therapy considers the individual within the context of their important relationships and addresses interactions and patterns between them, and explores intrapsychic difficulties and strengths as emerging from a relational context.

This course provides an introduction to systemic therapy, with a focus on its roots in family therapy. Main theoretical concepts, modes of assessment and major systemic models covered in this course will offer practitioners an alternative lens through which to understand their clients.

Topics covered include:

  • Evolution and Philisophical roots of Systemic thinking
  • Assessment tools
  • Models of systemic therapy: Bowan, Milan model, Narrative, EFT
  • Intro to healthy family functioning & the family life cycle
  • Developing a systemic understanding of problems & identifying systemic interventions
  • Legal and ethical issues in systemic therapy

Beginning September 13th Wednesdays 1pm-4pm- Zoom
15 weeks
45 hours
Fees (see info below)
Instructors- Abdelghani Barris & Leila Amro

Foundations of Systemic Therapy- Level 2- Working Systemically- Introduction to Couples Therapy

With systemic approaches, we learn to focus not on the individual, but rather on the interactions and the patterns between them.

This course will introduce various concepts of systemic thinking and models of intervention for therapists who are interested in starting to work with couples in therapy. Therapists will learn two main models- EFT and the Gottman method.

Topics covered include:

  • Introduction to systemic thinking & the role of the therapist within the systemic frame
  • The genogram
  • EFT- theory of change, interventions & assessment
  • Addressing attachment injuries
  • The Gottman method
  • Special Topics: Affairs, betrayal & repairs/ When the couple become parents
  • Addressing sexual desire and pleasure in couples therapy

Fridays 10am-12pm- Zoom beginning September 15th
23 weeks- 46 hours
Instructors: Monica Sweeney, Rebecca Murray, Hye Kam, Michelle Bertrand, Jeremy Wexler
Fees (see info below)

Systemic Internship

The internship in systemic therapy will allow therapists enrolled in the Level 2 systemic course: ‘Working Systemically- Introduction to Couples Therapy’ to deepen their knowledge of systemic models and gain practical experience with couples through a supervised internship. Participants will attend weekly group supervision and be matched with an individual supervisor with a systemic background.

Group supervision- 20 weeks
Wednesdays 9am-11am beginning September 20th

MTC affiliated professionals:

1 Course- $500
2 courses- $900
1 course + practicum $850*
2 courses + practicum – $1150*

All other candidates

1 Course- $800
2 courses- $1500
1 course + practicum $1300*
2 courses + practicum – $1750*

*group supervision is provided with the internship option, participants are responsible for covering the cost of their individual supervision.

+Deposit of $150 required upon reservation to secure your spot, balance due September 1st, 2023

+Payments can be made by e-transfer to

+Payment plan available upon request

The Fundamentals of Clinical Supervision in Psychotherapy

Dr. Abdelghani Barris, LMFT & psychotherapist is offering an accredited training program for psychotherapy supervision. This program fulfills the OPQ requirements to qualify as a supervisor for the psychotherapy permit and has been approved for 45 hours of continuing education credits.

Using exploratory self reflection exercises, evidence based articles, and group discussions, this course covers a range of topics in clinical supervision including: history of supervision, theoretical models from a systemic and CBT approach, components of effective supervisory relationships, roles of supervisee/supervisor, evaluations in supervision, and multicultural competence in supervision. The training is offered in a small group format and the facilitator creates a safe online space for group members to share, ask questions and reflect.

The aim of the course is to prepare the supervisor in training to develop and articulate their own philosophy of clinical supervision and to help guide/support them in their first supervisory experience.

In addition to the online seminars, supervisors in training will be matched with an intern to complete a practice component of 18 hours while receiving supervision of supervision with an experienced supervisor.

Dates: September 2022- April 2023
Seminars will be offered online- 3 Saturdays from 9am-4pm September 16th; October 14th and November 11th 2023.
Saturdays: 09am to 12pm and from 01pm to 04pm.Group SOS January 12th and February 09th from 9-10:30am

Practice portion of the course will include supervising and intern and receiving supervision of supervision from September to April.

MTC affiliated professionals: $1207.24
All other candidates $1509.05