Better Sex Through Mindfulness: How Women Can Cultivate Desire

Book Author: Lori A. Brotti, PhD

mindfulness, sexual arousal, sexual desire, womenIf you’re one of the many women who experience low sexual desire or you’re a clinician who has encountered women with this problem in your practice Dr. Brotto’s book does an excellent job at providing a strong background on the science of women’s desire, the everyday factors that interfere in a woman’s capacity for desire, and introduces us to how learning to focus our attention can improve the way we experience life in and out of the bedroom. Dr. Brotto gives detailed descriptions of several mindfulness activities in her book that come from years of clinical research with women in her lab at the University of British Columbia, Canada. The book takes the reader through the experiences of several women from her own practice and their journey to improved desire through mindfulness. The book was incredibly interesting and a pleasure to read.

Review by: Mayte Parada, PhD