How we started

The Montreal Therapy Centre was founded in 2003 by three colleagues: David MacKeigan, Solline Feld, and Rebecca Murray who had a vision of providing high-quality psychotherapy services for individuals, couples, and families, at rates that are affordable to everyone. At a time when cutbacks were reducing access to mental health services in the public sector we wanted to create an organization to fill the gap.

From our humble beginnings, MTC has grown to include over 80 professionals providing therapy in 17 languages.

We offer a wide range of services including:
– individual therapy
– couples therapy
– family therapy
– art therapy
– drama therapy
– group therapy
– premarital counseling
– specialized services for children and adolescents.
We are constantly striving to create new programs and innovate as we look forward.

Our mission

We believe that good mental health is the foundation for well-being, solid families and a strong community. From the beginning, our mission has always been to create a centre offering a wide range of services and to price them so that they would be accessible to the greatest number of people.

Commitment to diversity

We are proud of our diverse and multicultural team who offer therapy in 17 languages- reflecting the diverse community in which we live.  We work with clients of all ages and genders,  all sexual orientations and from different religious, and cultural backgrounds.


Presently, we offer services in:

– English
– French
– Spanish
– Polish
– Greek
– Dutch
– Arabic
– Serbo-Croatian
– Russian
– Swedish
– Norwegian
– Farsi
– German
– Cantonese
– Urdu
– Hindi
– Punjabi

Our Sliding-scale

A big part of our mission at the Montreal Therapy Centre is to ensure that high quality psychotherapy services are available to all. Regular rates for psychotherapy often range between $150 and $200 per session, which can be prohibitive for most people. Our sliding scale ranges from $60-$135 per session and our fees are set according to household income to ensure that we can serve the greatest number of people. All of our therapists reserve a certain number of sliding scale spaces to accommodate those in need.

Location and scheduling

Our main offices are located at the Queen Elizabeth Health Complex in NDG, a half-block from the Vendôme metro station. We are easily accessible by public transport. If you are driving, street parking is available. Some of our team members also have private offices in various locations around the city and in the West Island and can accommodate some requests for off-site appointments. Many of our therapists now offer online therapy services via secure video chat so that you can access services if you are at a distance or have limited mobility.

We offer daytime, evening and weekend appointments to accommodate your busy schedule.

Our partnerships

We value strong ties to the communities we serve and work toward developing partnerships with other organizations. We work with student centres at local Cegeps and Universities to provide services to students. We also work with various governmental programs, companies, hospitals and CLSCs to ensure that clients who need immediate access to therapy can be served without a waiting list.

Looking for more information?

We would be happy to respond to any of your questions about our services either by phone at (514) 244-1290 or by email at
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