A Table for One¸ S’il Vous Plait

Written by: Helen Baginsky 

by Shutterstock

Many people feel insecure about doing activities or trying new things alone. For some reason they tend to think that embarking on a solo adventure means they couldn’t find anyone else to join them. They feel that they failed socially somehow. This couldn’t be further away from the truth.

Happiness comes from within. You don’t need another person next to you to enjoy a good movie or a concert. In fact, it allows you to better focus, see things in a new way and even learn a thing or two about yourself. You are enough to have a great time! That’s why more and more people discover joy of solo travelling every year. Montreal is an amazing place to do things alone and we have a few ideas to get you started.

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

Going to a museum alone is great! You can set your own itinerary and move at your own pace without being rushed or disturbed. Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal is a perfect spot to spend time in winter when it’s cold and miserable outside.  Make a day out of it! Take a stroll around the museum, go explore permanent art collections and relax in the chill areas with beautiful urban views. If you get hungry they have an awesome restaurant and a cafeteria on the premises. If you are under 30 the admission to the museum is free! If you are over 30 it’s only $15.

Les Grands Ballets Canadiens

Ballet is one of the highest forms of art. It developed back in the 15th century and has become one of the greatest pleasures enjoyed by many people around the world for centuries ever since. The Holiday season is a perfect time to treat yourself to a ballet night. Every December Les Grand Ballets Canadiens presents “the Nutckracker”, a two-act classic ballet that tells a traditional Christmas story. Beautiful music by Tchaikovsky, gorgeous costumes and breathtaking performances will definitely impress you and get you in that holiday spirit.

Cooking Class at Ateliers & Saveurs

Learning something new is always a great idea! Ateliers et Saveurs offers fun cooking and cocktail making classes at their beautiful Old Montreal location. It’s a full “hands on” experience where you actually get to do everything yourself and not just watch your instructor do it. Ateliers et Saveurs provides you with everything a professional mixologist would need at a real bar or a professional cook at a restaurant kitchen. Head to their website and check the schedule. Besides cooking and cocktail making, they also offer a wine tasting. Book your spot and have fun cooking and mixing!

Movie Time

We all have those movies we want to watch alone, so we could pay full attention to every little detail. Going to the movies by yourself is the best way to go. AMC Forum often shows really great non-mainstream films. Check their schedule, pick a movie, get a yummy popcorn and enjoy the show.