4 Awesome Ideas for Your New Year’s Fitness Resolutions


By: Pixabay

Each year, many of us reflect on our achievements of the year before and vow to ourselves to commit to a healthier lifestyle come January 1st. It’s because of people like us that gym membership sales go through the roof at the beginning of each year. Statistics say that 67% of people with gym memberships never use them. In fact, I have a friend who has been a devoted gym member for over 16 years. Is he in shape? Of course not! So how do we make our fitness resolutions stick?

Over the past couple of years, we at MTL Ideas have been on a quest to find a perfect place to work out in Montreal. We went to a few really fantastic gyms, but every attempt ended 2-3 months later with lack of motivation, so we started looking at what our fit friends do to stick to their regimen and we discovered one common factor. It isn’t a gym or a studio that makes people want to come back, it’s a supportive community built around these places. Here are a few gems we’ve found for you.


Angry Monkey MMA

Angry Monkey MMA is a martial arts gym. They just moved to a brand-new location right by Verdun metro. The moment you walk in you can feel that this is not just your average gym. It’s a community of people passionate about what they do and you instantly want to be a part of this community. The decor, bright colours, posters and motivational quotes on the walls motivate and inspire. People at Angry Monkey are awesome! Friendly, cool, fun! It’s not only about getting fit or learning skills, but we found that at Angry Monkey it’s a lot about friendships and supporting each other no matter what. You can tell everyone feels like they belong. It’s fun, it keeps them in great shape and, let’s be honest, what can be a better way to release stress than punching stuff? Make sure to put them on the list of places to try.

5139 Rue De Verdun, Verdun, QC


Lemieux Training Bootcamps

These guys offer fun outdoors bootcamp classes 6 days a week rain or shine. There are 20-30 people at each class and the classes are designed for every level. Jon (the owner) makes sure to talk to everyone and make sure he knows if anyone has injuries or needs assistance. Over the years his classes became a real community of great people that have known each other for years. They go out, do Spartan Race, go hiking and, of course, support each other. The classes are taught in both, English and French. Give them a try this winter! Even if it’s snowing, people still come and they have a blast working out in the snow.


Moksha Yoga

On a cold winter day, hot yoga is a perfect activity. Moksha Montreal offers lots and lots of classes from early morning until late night and there are quite a few community classes that only cost $5. The space itself is just beautiful with spacious and clean changing rooms and a few relaxations spots with cushions and tea. It’s amazing how friendly everyone is. The studio was full of wonderful Plateau people and they create a great warm vibe. Sweating when it’s freezing outside is a pretty awesome feeling! Give it a try! This studio is perfect for beginners.

3863 boulevard Saint-Laurent Suite 205, Montreal


Kizomba Canada

The variety of activities Montreal has to offer is impressive! Recently, we tried a Semba class at Kizomba Canada dance school. Semba originated in Angola. It’s a creative mix of African dance style and colonial European influence. The founder of Kizomba Canada Manuel Dos Santos, aka Dr Kizomba , has been dancing for over 20 years. Besides Semba his repertoire includes Kizomba, Kuduro, Rebita, hip-hop, Capoeira and Latin Ballroom. Everyone at Kizomba Canada is incredibly friendly and cool. It wasn’t too hard to pick up the steps because the teachers were great. They invested a great deal of time and patience into first timers and cheered every time we nailed the steps. It was an amazing experience!

9 St Catherine St E, Montreal


So, if getting fit and taking care of yourself is on your resolution list this year why not start with a place that will motive you inside and out and actually make that resolution come true. Think of the satisfaction you will feel when you actualize your goals!

Written by: Helen Baginsky